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National University of Tainan Innovation Incubation Center

Major Incubation Target

  1. Innovations and applications on medical equipment, sporting goods.
  2. Innovations and applications on digital learning technology, wireless communication and broadband-related technologies.
  3. Nurturing and value addition to education and art related culture industry.


Contents of Incubation

  1. Assistive technology: mobility device, rehabilitation device and sporting goods.
  2. Information technology: network and e-learning technology.
  3. Culture industry: education, art, theater, music.


National University of Tainan Innovation Incubation Center

Development Objectives

The short-term mission focuses on integrating the internal and external resources of the university.The mid-term mission is to support enterprise on medical equipment, digital learning, and education  and art related fields, helping them organize and plan their business. The long-term mission is to  promote small and medium enterprise to upgrade and target on international market.



The innovation incubation center is under full support of our university. The physical space is  more than 1,300 square meters for specific use. 18 specialized innovation and experimental centers arededicated, plus our experienced faculty and specialized consultants are ready to fully support the businesses that joins with us. The innovation incubation center was newly founded on 2006. It is expected that at least 5 companies are to join with us and enjoy our support in this year. With the formation of the Center, we are looking forward to building the platform on which the trio of industry, government, and academic can share the experience and resources. Therefore, the business that join with us can benefit from governmental resources, which consist of the cooperation between industrial and academic, technology transfer, acquisition of patent, training for specialists, financial supports, and the opportunity for product release. These are the goals and functions we expect.

National University of Tainan Innovation Incubation Center.