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Grow Scope

Put Emphasis on Education, Culture, E-Learning and Relative Industry.

Put Emphasis on Education, Culture, E-Learning and Relative Industry.

Most of the properties nearby Innovation Incubation Center are science and engineering. As a result, the resource of education and art go short. According to the background of education and humanities and social sciences, with the trend and development of school, the IIC will cultivate the capability of education, culture, digital learning and so on at first so that can make up for the lack of the source of educational and cultural properties. After the accomplishment of the Chi-Gou campus, we hope we can co-operate the local feature, combine our resources of environmental sciences and ecology, and match up the government’s policy to promote the economical development, offer the techniques and human resources. Moreover, we can develop estates of environment, ecology, entertainment and tourism to advance local development.


Arts Industry

Performance, Visual, Traditional folk art, Design Industry, Culture and creative industries and so on.


Education-related industries

Cram schools, Digital Learning, Publishing and so on.


Medical technology industry

Rehabilitation aids, Medical Equipment, Aids, Sports Equipment and so on.


Environment and energy related industries

Renewable energy and conservation, Green Industry, Eco-tourism and so on.


Communication & Optoelectronic related industries

Microwave communication, Communication system chips, Optoelectronic Materials and components, Optical information and optical communications. And optical design and optical system and so on.


Electronics, Electromechanical and information related industries

Photoelectric, Microelectronics, Circuits and Systems, Digital Systems, Biomedical cognitive information, Smarter Computing System and database and knowledge base.


Besides those properties above, if there are any forward-looking industries, or any the corporation which would like to innovate, venture, upgrade, transform or knowledge-base, it will be welcome to join Innovation Incubation Center. Hoping you will make rapid advances in your career.

National University of Tainan Innovation Incubation Center.