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To assist in the southern industry to enhance competitiveness and create international value.

To integrate resources of schools, colleges, departments and so on. In the face of the development of international free trade, the impact of the world's industrial division of labor , innovative thinking and technology upgrading has become the key for international industry to be competitive. In the process of "OEM, ODM and OBM" of Taiwan, because of the rise of “The factory of the world-China”, it is a critical moment for upgrading and restructuring of change for the industry. The incubation center will be through the following mode of operation to assist in the southern industry to enhance competitiveness and create international value.



  1. To establish the expert group and regional industry database for the target industry and provide the most professional cultivate counseling and diversified operations services to the tenant firms.
  2. To hold the briefing of the establishment of Innovation Incubation Center. By handling the briefing, we hope that students and teachers can identify ourselves with the importance of IIC. Furthermore, they can anticipate in every kind of university-industry program and plan that if industry-university cooperation can results in a technical upgrade approach so that it can enhance teachers' willingness to participate.
  3. To visit off-campus Innovation Incubation Centers, operating experience of learning and the exchange of practical experience, and held the Innovation Incubation Center industry-university working seminar. By contacting about learning and exchange of the experience, we hope to accelerate the working state of our school’s Innovation Incubation Center and step on the right track.
  4. To actively seek external resources such as the Ministry of Economic Affairs Grants’ counseling and other available resources to speed up the central business promotion, and growth.
  5. To hold the seminars of the foundation of Innovation Incubation Center and investment. By the way of organizing seminars, we will present the direction of the center's operational planning and the secondary infertility goal to increase the willingness of vendors Downloaded.
  6. To take the initiative to visit the target industries’ business executives and executives. By the way of interview, we hope to let the target companies understand our resources and operational profile. Moreover, we will arrange itinerary for the enterprises to our school to visit to improve the intention to enter and be Downloaded and promote industry-university cooperation plan closely.
  7. To help nurture enterprises to organize professional seminars or product presentation to enhance the capabilities of research and development and product awareness.
  8. To apply the resources and strengthen of Incubation Center Alliance to proceed interdistrict secondary infertility and co-sponsored large-scale industry-university seminars and results will be published. In this way, we hope to strengthen regional incubation center cooperation resources, promote the companies to quickly obtain the necessary resources of development and thrive to have core competencies and competitive enterprises to enter the international market, and increase operating income.
  9. To assist in applying for the various policies of the government to foster business growth plans and application. SBIR program, Youth entrepreneurship the start-up capital loan, for example.
  10. Physical presence in enterprise incubation centers will be in accordance with a predetermined training of management approach to get necessary hardware / software support and arranged to talk down arrangements for counseling expert advice and nurturing the control of the progress. Virtual presence of the vendors will be regularly scheduled counselors to plant consultation and communication and be controlled to cultivate progress It is necessary to foster the rapid development of enterprises, enhance industrial competitiveness and profit goals.

National University of Tainan Innovation Incubation Center.